Art & Performance Longs

Art & Performance Longs

Experimental movies of surprising virtuouso performances - circus, street, avant-garde and cultural, including Yoko Ono's performance memorializing Nam June Paik, monologues by Todd Alcott, new music performance by David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, Alvin Curran, and many others. Some have behind-the-scenes coverage and interviews with the performers, and frame-in-frame art videos that are fun to watch.

Beginning when the video medium was brand new, Skip Blumberg's classic videos explore what is unique about the medium to creatively document and expose captivating subjects. "I want to warm up the cool medium of television," Blumberg said in the early days of artists' video recording and tube screen TV sets, and before flat screen TV and the internet, referring to Marshall McCluhan's slogan.

Blumberg is a talent scout for unusual, eccentric, surprising, undiscovered performance talent with a variety of production values and styles of coverage.

His videos about art and artists are artworks themselves, many in permanent collections of art museums around the world.

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Art & Performance Longs
  • Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master

    (2006, 47:15)
    Video art featurette recorded at the famed artist's memorial service, contains 46 short visually-stylized often-humorous insightful interviews with friends, colleagues, collaborators and protégées; including artists Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Carolee Schneeman, Davidson Gigliotti...

  • Nam June Paik: Bonus Art Video

    (2006, 36:47)
    Seventeen more short remembrances of NJP, including video artists Mary Lucier, Dara Birnbaum, David Cort (Videofreex), Ralph Hocking (Experimental TV Center), Ira Schneider (Raindance/Radical Software), the first video art curator David Ross, and independent film pioneer Jonas Meka...

  • Todd Alcott: Dangerous Ideas + Keys

    (1989-92, 40:00)
    “Living in Flames,” “Jaws of Love,” “Paradise,” and 7 other biting and comedic monologues by this super-talented Downtown performer and writer, who went on to be a Hollywood feature film screenwriter.

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  • FCHP Park Celebration!

    (2007, 16:00)
    Al fresco performance that’s a true civic expression celebrates the re-opening of the park that had been closed since the collapse of the Twin Towers 3 blocks away. With Movement Theatre Company, SilverCloud Hoop Dancers, An Hysterical Walking Tour, musical saw virtuoso Moses Josia...

  • New Music America #1

  • Weekend In Moscow

    (1990/ 2002, 11:26)
    Humorous and ironic non-fiction first-person travel art video diary exposes an insider’s view of the art world and, at the same time, is a reflexive video about making a video. A group of high-living American art aficionados tour the Moscow studios of the unofficial artists d...

  • On Dream Street (full-length featurette)

    (2012, 17:36)
    A professionally-directed collaboration of very special performers, all with developmental disabilities, as they create, rehearse and perform to an enthusiastic audience at NYC’s Central Park Bandshell. A behind-the-scenes entertainment and a portrait of a model program.

    For DV...

  • Dancing Hands 1988