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  • Flying Morning Glory (on fire)

    (1985, 3:52)
    A zany hot cooking/performance video in Thailand. “A perfect video.” - Global Village Documentary Film & Video Festival.

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  • Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show

    (1981, 29:15)
    All the big tricks, speed, laughs, and tears of championship rope jumping. 3 NYC Emmy’s, Black Programming Consortium Best Cultural Program, and many others. A classic video doc.

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  • Earle Murphy's Winter Olympics

    (1980, 28:44)
    This real-life comedy focuses on the adventures of 55-year-old ski jumping, Olympics super-fan Murphy at the 1980 Winter Games in Lake Placid. A colorful close-up look at this exciting international event that contains all the whooshes and whacks that ABC Sports missed.

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  • World Eskimo Indian Olympics

    (1983, 27:08)
    Exciting and unique ancient arctic sports such as blanket toss, high kicks, and knuckle-hop are featured in this cultural doc about modern Eskimos and Indians in Alaska.

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  • Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master

    (2006, 47:15)
    Video art featurette recorded at the famed artist's memorial service, contains 46 short visually-stylized often-humorous insightful interviews with friends, colleagues, collaborators and protégées; including artists Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Carolee Schneeman, Davidson Gigliotti...

  • JGLNG (pronounced "juggling")

    (1975, 5:15)
    Black silhouettes on hot white background causes after-images in the eye, not the screen. Then we explore the Sarasota, FL backyard home of a circus performing family. The relationship between performer and director flip when the performer directs the camera (while juggling).

  • On Dream Street (full-length featurette)

    (2012, 17:36)
    A professionally-directed collaboration of very special performers, all with developmental disabilities, as they create, rehearse and perform to an enthusiastic audience at NYC’s Central Park Bandshell. A behind-the-scenes entertainment and a portrait of a model program.

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  • Nam June Paik: Bonus Art Video

    (2006, 36:47)
    Seventeen more short remembrances of NJP, including video artists Mary Lucier, Dara Birnbaum, David Cort (Videofreex), Ralph Hocking (Experimental TV Center), Ira Schneider (Raindance/Radical Software), the first video art curator David Ross, and independent film pioneer Jonas Meka...

  • Weekend In Moscow

    (1990/ 2002, 11:26)
    Humorous and ironic non-fiction first-person travel art video diary exposes an insider’s view of the art world and, at the same time, is a reflexive video about making a video. A group of high-living American art aficionados tour the Moscow studios of the unofficial artists d...

  • The 90s: Whose Streets?

    (1992, 51:08)
    In NYC streets landscape, one-person-crew early camera journalist Skip Blumberg finds the amazing among the commonplace, digging deeper than a mere observational video for the culture, street people, grit, creativity, adaptability, the heart of urban life with serendipitous discove...

  • Interviews with Interviewers (complete program)

    (1985, 51:30)
    TV’s Barbara Walters and Mike Wallace, Pulitzer Prize-winning oral historian Studs Terkel, National Public Radio’s Susan Stamberg, NYC Police Detective Sean Grennan, and psycho-analyst Joel Kovel are interviewed about curiosity, style, trickery, truth and conversation.

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  • City Beat

    (1980/ 2010, 7:30)
    Early 3-channel art video (recently restored combined on one channel). The repetition of urban action becomes a symphony of rhythms, building to cacophony and back. Produced with 12 Twin Cities video artists at Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis. Installation in IDS Center’s Crysta...

  • Katrina Recovery: Manhattan Youth Benefit

    (2005, 6:20)
    To repay the volunteer efforts of Louisianans who came to help recovery in the neighborhood of the World Trade Center collapse, Bob Townley's Manhattan Youth community center hosts a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims on the rebuilt pier that loaded the debris from the destroy...

  • Katrina Recovery: TriBeCa Messages

    (2005, 2:06)
    Lower Manhattan residents deliver words of hope & strength to their compatriots in the damaged zone. With on-camera correspondent Cookie Girl Jemma Brown.

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  • Katrina Recovery: Mickey Kross, firefighter

    (2005, 2:25)
    A NYC firefighter articulating his message to the Katrina Recovery gives insight to why firefighters are regarded as heroes.

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  • Todd Alcott: Dangerous Ideas + Keys

    (1989-92, 40:00)
    “Living in Flames,” “Jaws of Love,” “Paradise,” and 7 other biting and comedic monologues by this super-talented Downtown performer and writer, who went on to be a Hollywood feature film screenwriter.

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  • Cookie Girl in the Hot Zone

    (2001, 4:30)
    After the twin towers collapse, Jemma, a pre-teen who lives in Tribeca a few blocks from the site, bakes and serves cookies to recovery workers. Screened at NY Historical Society "Here is New York" 20th anniversary exhibition September 10, 11, & 12, 2021.

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  • Seoul Brother Report

    (1986, 3:58)
    Camera journalist Skip Blumberg reports on Korean traditional and avant garde culture for Nam June Paik's 1986 3-country live TV extravaganza "Bye Bye Kipling" broadcast on PBS, KBS and NHK.

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  • FCHP Park Celebration!

    (2007, 16:00)
    Al fresco performance that’s a true civic expression celebrates the re-opening of the park that had been closed since the collapse of the Twin Towers 3 blocks away. With Movement Theatre Company, SilverCloud Hoop Dancers, An Hysterical Walking Tour, musical saw virtuoso Moses Josia...

  • The Champions: 6 Beats

    (1992, 2:34)
    "Are you ready for this?" Bold rhythmic cheer by the Champions, a performance group of young girls on location in NYC L.E.S. housing project.

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  • Topless Protest

    (1992/ 2018, 3:09)
    NYC's first semi-nude political demonstration for the right to be topless. Outside Madison Square Garden during the 1992 Democratic Presidential Convention.

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  • The Channel Market

    (1996, 5:57)
    On the festive convention floor, cable TV owners and operators go shopping for channels. An early one-person-crew camera journalist's report.

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  • ConCreep

    (1995, 4:30)
    A compelling street performer attracts a crowd on lower Broadway until NYPD interrupts.

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  • July 4th Holland Tunnel Civil Disobedience

    (1993/ 2018, 6:25)
    A non-violent action disrupts weekend traffic during the height of the AIDS scourge; look for NYC politician Tom Duane's civil disobedience. The video also explains why the tunnel is named Holland.

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  • Essentials of Tap Technique

  • Elephant Games

    Human / animal interspecies relationships are examined close-up. A tourist event that aims to preserve the elephant training skills, traditions and culture.

  • American Pixilation Dance Theatre presents

    (1975, 3:00)
    by Jane Aaron and Skip Blumberg
    Impossible choreography, antic stunts and magical tricks for a pixilating auto-intervalometer super-8mm film camera on location at Stony Clove Notch Pond in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Dancers (in order of appearance): Alice Wexler, Skip Blum...

  • Calypso Tumblers

    (2003, 6:44)
    One of NYC’s best street performance group's stellar act with a message. In Battery Park.

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  • New Music America #1

  • Surfriders 1992 GOING COASTAL

    Skip Blumberg's short camera journalism report about an in-the-ocean protest at Boca Chica CA by Orange County chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental group dedicated to conservation of the world's beaches. Exec prod Tom Weinberg.

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    as seen in "Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese" Raw videotape edited in the camera, including "bicentennial hats," Uncle Sam, Cuban dance performance recorded in one nonstop-moving-handheld-camera three-and-a-half-minute-long take. A quintessential video diary of a...

  • Dancing Hands 1988

  • Summer Ski Jumping

    They jump on ground up lake ice and plastic fringed mats.

  • The First International Whistling Show

    Virtuosic melodic whistlers pucker up and blow, among the variety of whistling techniques, in the first ever Whistle-off in Carson City NV, October 1 - 3, 2022. Host: Al "Jazzbo" Collins.

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  • When I was a worker like LaVerne

    Before Amazon, the Sears Roebuck Catalog's mail order business set a standard for mass production economies of scale. An intimately-recorded personal confrontation between worker and supervisor during a tour of one of the world's longest conveyor belt systems is a metaphor for employment roles. ...

  • Disamament Video Survey (half-hour edit)

    This project by 300 producers in the indie videomaker community in the U.S. and internationally addressed the United Nations Special Session on Disarmament
    in NYC May - July 1982. The 60 raw tapes with 3000 interviews and several dozen edits were cablecast non-stop on Manhattan cable TV where UN...